How can we as faculty make the best use of the Writing Center for our students? This guide offers some suggestions for how to introduce the Writing Center at the beginning of the semester, how to discuss tutoring with individual students before they make an appointment, and how to encourage students to respond critically to tutor (consultant) feedback.

BU has many writing centers, and different centers may be helpful for faculty teaching writing-intensive courses in the disciplines or first-year writing courses in other programs. But the CAS Writing Program benefits from having an in-house writing center whose primary function is supporting students through our WR courses (WR 111, WR 112, WR 120, WR 151, WR 152, WR 153, and WR 415). Our writing consultants are primarily undergraduates who have already completed WR 15x and take a training course in their first semester of consulting. They meet with students in the Writing Center (the open space near the Comm Ave side of 100 Bay State Road, third floor) and will discuss any stage of the writing process, from pre-writing through drafts, and any assignment for a WR course–including a basic summary for WR 111, an academic paper for WR 120, or a podcast for WR 152.