In this activity, WR 111 students work in teams to review a grammatical topic, share it to the class, and practice their oral presentation skills at the same time. Instructors should make sure they have read the Faculty Guide to WR 111. 


To work together to review and learn more about a grammatical topic; to consolidate your knowledge of strategies for that topic; to share your findings orally and in writing with your classmates

Key Terms

grammar; strategies; self-editing; oral presentation; metacognition


  1. As part of a group of three or four students, each student is required to present on a designated grammar topic (see list below). Presentations should be short (15 minutes maximum) and focus primarily on elements important to English language learners. Each presentation will consist of two parts: First the group should cover important aspects of the topic, providing original handouts. Second, the group should develop an activity, quiz etc. to do with the class that illustrates the topic.
  2. Topics

    • Subject-Verb Agreement
    • Word Choice
    • Pronoun Reference
    • Sentence Structure Problems
    • Modals
  3. These presentations should be comprehensive but concise. As a group you should prepare hand-outs or outlines to distribute to the class that explain your topic as it was covered in class. Your presentation should include:
    1. Definition/description of significant terms and concepts, focusing on any pertinent language issues related to this topic
    2. Examples
    3. Brief activity/quiz
  4. Keep in mind that you are not teaching these points, but refreshing our memories. Don’t provide a lot of basic information but try to identify the grammatical points that are troublesome to non-native speakers. Reflect on what makes this grammar point tricky for you, and discuss the strategies that are helpful for you and your teammates when trying to edit your papers for these errors.
  5. You will be graded on the accuracy, clarity, and depth of your hand-outs and the clarity of your presentation. All members of the group must participate in the presentation and production of the handouts.