Student Organizations.

BUSPH’s active and engaged student body participates in many student organizations. A BUSPH student organization is a group that has relevance to the student body at SPH, is consistent with the mission of the School, and is run, organized, and facilitated by students. Participants in each organization determine its goals and structure. They may focus on public health issues, common interests, or identities. They may also focus on community organizing, intervention, or participation in curriculum issues. For more information about Student Organizations at SPH, contact Ashley Leonard, Assistant Director, GSL at

Fall 2023 Student Organization Fair

Student Organization Fairs are held once at the beginning of each semester for student organizations to promote and connect with interested students. The Student Organization Fair is an interactive fair for students to find out information about involvement and make connections. During this event students are able to join breakout rooms and chat with org leaders.

The Fall 2023 Student Organization Fair will be held on Wednesday, September 13th from 4-6pm on Talbot Green.

BUSPH Student Organizations