International Students Success Program.

An international student is a temporary, non-immigrant visitor in the United States, who is taking classes and who had to apply for a visa to be granted entry in the United States.

With 193 international students representing 66 countries, the International Students Success Program (ISSP), sponsored by Graduate Student Life, aims to support international students as they transition into a successful academic and cultural adjustment to the School of Public Health and Boston University.

Program Goals

We strive to foster academic and personal excellence among international students through:

  • Increasing the understanding and knowledge of life and culture in the United States
  • Increasing resource utilization on campus and beyond
  • Fostering engagements within the School of Public Health community
  • Easing cultural adjustment and transition for international students

Meet the International Students Success Program Coaches

Coaches, in close partnership with Graduate Social Life provide international students with ongoing guidance and information about life at Boston University and School of Public Health.  Our Coaches are upper level international students who can offer support and advocacy and help other students achieve their goals through academic support, skill development, and social activities.


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