Impact Grants.

Knowing how to create a healthier world is not enough: that knowledge has to be turned into action. The Activist Lab is proud to provide a micro-grant program, previously known as Activist Bucks, to support student projects that create change through action.

Why are you studying public health?  What matters to you?  Do you care about adolescent health, substance use disorder, homelessness, immigrant health, domestic violence?  What would you do to make a difference in these or other concerns with your time, your passion, and a little financial support?

The purpose of the Impact Grants program is to help students establish and nurture a robust public health practice while making a meaningful contribution to the public’s health. Our goal is that students will make a lasting impact in the community and carry these skills into their careers and relationships for decades to come.

We urge all students interested in applying to join one of Dean Andrade’s office hours (found on the School Calendar) prior to submitting an application to discuss the idea, the impact of the project, the public health skills that the project will require, and possible community partners.  The Activist Lab will review applications on a rolling, first-come-first-served basis. A maximum of five projects will be funded throughout the course of an academic year.

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