Welcome to the Student Employment Office!

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We are the comprehensive resource for all matters related to student employment at Boston University, whether you are a student, supervisor, payroll coordinator, or off-campus employer.


  • Check out the¬† process for signing up for Direct Deposit and accessing student pay stubs!
  • If you are planning on working during the summer, please review the Summer FICA Policy.
  • Students who work at Boston University are not permitted to work duing scheduled class time. Each semester, once your class schedule is finalized, you should confirm with your supervisor that your work schedule does not conflict with your class schedule.

Supervisors and Payroll Coordinators:

  • The summer semester for weekly-salaried students runs from April 29 through August 31, to review the full Year/Semester Chart check the Dates and Deadlines section.
  • Please review the Summer FICA policy and make sure that students and supervisors are aware of this policy.
  • Important information about the new Form I-9 may be found here.
  • It is important to remember that it is your responsibility to confirm with any student working in your department that his/her work schedule does not conflict with the student’s class schedule. Students may not work during scheduled class time.