Gastronomy Alum Unpacks Masculinity, Marketing, and the Secret Origin of ‘Dude Food’

In her new book, Diners, Dudes and Diets: How Gender and Power Collide in Food Media and Culture, MLA in Gastronomy alum Emily Contois (MET’13) explores the concept of “dude food”—a powerful cultural construct developed in recent decades by marketers aiming to encourage male-identifying audiences to spend more on food. “I was interested in how […]

How Noodles, Pomegranates Feed Culinary New Year Traditions

A recent USA Today story investigating foods traditionally eaten to celebrate the New Year sought the expertise of MET Director of Gastronomy Megan Elias. As Elias explained, in Japanese and Chinese cultures, noodles, given their length, can symbolize long life and good luck. Because of this, noodles are often enjoyed as the calendar turns to […]

Chef Pépin Shares His Favorite Poem in BU Today

In a BU Today video, renowned chef and television personality Jacques Pépin (Hon.’11) recites his favorite poem, Rimbaud’s “Le Dormeur du Val” (“The Sleeper of the Valley”). The reading is part of the Favorite Poem Project, which was launched in 1997 by former poet laureate Robert Pinsky, a William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor and a […]

Long, Hard Times Ahead for Restaurants, Says Gastronomy, Culinary Arts & Wine Studies Alum

Fernanda Tapia (MET’09), a Gastronomy alum who also holds certificates from the Culinary Arts and Wine Studies programs, is former co-owner and executive chef at Comedor, a Chilean-American bistro in the heart of Newton, MA. As an experienced industry hand and executive, she knows well the challenges restaurants are facing during the ongoing pandemic, and […]

Gastronomes Offer Quarantine “Stress Baking” Lessons

As the world sheltered in place the past few months, BU Today reporter Mara Sassoon felt herself drawn to what she called “stress baking,” and decided to investigate. “As a BU staff member enrolled in Metropolitan College’s Gastronomy Program, I had a feeling that fellow students, as well as faculty and alumni, were also giving […]

MET Gastronomy Students Offer Quarantine Cookbook

COVID-19 may have impacted all walks of life, but even during quarantine, people need to eat. Students in the BU MET Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy program are making the most of the challenging times by cooking up the Gastronomy Students Association (GAS) Community Cookbook. An effort to stay connected and inspired during quarantine, […]