Your Commitment to Students

There are several implicit commitments that you make towards your students, and towards the College, when you agree to teach a class:

  • You should hand out a comprehensive syllabus at the start of the term and treat that document as a contract with your students.
  • You should hold class during all the scheduled times for the duration of the term.
  • You should grade assignments promptly and provide immediate, constructive, and substantial feedback to your students.
  • You should designate times when you will be accessible to your students outside of class.
  • You should maintain the integrity and equity of the class by ensuring that everyone has the same opportunity to perform and the same basis for being evaluated.
  • You should respect the diverse backgrounds of your students and appreciate the sensitivities towards issues of nationality, gender, race, and religion.
  • Your final grade should carefully and rigorously reflect the differences in performance among your students—distinguishing only those students who are uniquely exceptional with high grades.
  • You should conduct the official evaluation of the course before the end of the term and turn in your grades by the due date.