Guest Speakers

Guidelines for Honorarium Requests

The purpose for an honorarium request is for class enrichment through the expertise of a distinguished guest speaker. All requests should be submitted to the department chair, who should then submit the paperwork to the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Programs. A brief statement of the need for a guest lecturer as well as the qualifications of the speaker should be included in a memo to the associate dean. NEWPer accounts payable, all honorarium requests should be submitted with a copy of the syllabus that lists the guest speaker(s).

The number of speakers is limited to three guests per course unless the structure of the course requires more. In the latter case the syllabus should be submitted for approval prior to the start of class.

A guest speaker is not a replacement of the instructor of record, and therefore the instructor of record should be present as well.

Processing Honoraria Payments

  1. The MET Dean’s office needs a W-9 from each individual guest lecturer/speaker before the University will issue the first payment to them. This is required of not only guest lecturers but all people or companies to be paid through the Accounts Payable System (instead of Payroll). If the guest speaker is currently on payroll we do not need the W-9. Once we have a W-9 for an individual on file, we do not need to collect another.
  2. Please make sure the wording for the description does not indicate “teaching” or “taught” for guest speakers. Anyone who performs teaching duties for Boston University must be paid through University Payroll. An acceptable description may include: “Honorarium payments are for guest speakers who are invited to address a class/participate in a presentation/provide a lecture on a one-time basis.” These individuals should have no responsibility for grading or taking class attendance. On the Honorarium Request form, please be sure to fill in the name of the instructor of record. **NEW** Please include a copy of the syllabus that lists the guest speaker by name.
  3. Please hand deliver all paperwork to the MET Office of the Dean at 1010 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 524. Paperwork will then be approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Programs.