SEIU L509 (Part-time/Adjunct Faculty)

Service Employees International Union, Local 509 (Part-Time Faculty) agreement applies to all part-time graduate and undergraduate faculty (adjuncts, part-time lecturers, lecturers, part-time instructors, or instructors) employed by Boston University at its Massachusetts campuses to teach at least one credit bearing course (including hybrid and blended courses) in a degree-granting program, and who are compensated on a per course or per hour basis and all part-time lecturers actively employed by Boston University at its Center for English Language & Orientation Program (CELOP) but excluding all tenured or tenure-track faculty; full-time faculty; visiting or contract faculty; School of Medicine faculty (except Division of Graduate Medical Sciences); School of Dental Medicine faculty; deans, provosts, administrators, program coordinators, program directors, department chairs, graduate assistants, graduate students who teach only courses pursuant to a stipend, athletic coaches and faculty who teach only online, courses at non-Massachusetts campuses, non-degree granting courses (with the exception of part-time lecturers actively employed at CELOP), and/or courses as a teaching supervisor; all other employees employed by the University, including all other part-time employees employed in other programs and areas of instruction at Boston University, and including those who teach a class or course and are separately compensated for such teaching; and managers, confidential employees, guards, and supervisors as defined by the Act.