Gender-Neutral Housing Room Change Overview

The following processes can result in creating a gender-neutral housing assignment during room change periods throughout the academic year. None of these processes can result in a freshman student living in a gender-neutral room, suite, or apartment. Gender-neutral assignments are not permitted in large, dormitory-style residences with shared community bathrooms. Make sure to check dates for all processes since they can only occur at certain times during the year.

Direct Swaps

The Direct Swap Process can be used to create a gender-neutral assignment; however, all roommates must agree to this change. Gender-neutral swaps need to be done in conversation with the BU Housing Office.

Room Changes

Students can indicate their willingness to receive a room change offer to a gender-neutral assignment when filling out the Room Change Request form. Students can also identify if they know of a specific vacancy in the Room Change Request form or by emailing the BU Housing Office. During the open Room Change Period, students will be offered room changes to gender-neutral assignments, space permitting.