Yazicigil’s WISE-Circuits Lab Goes the Distance at “Chip Olympics”

In hardware and microelectronics circles, the International Solid-State Circuits Conference is the most competitive game in town, nicknamed the “Chip Olympics.” In those terms, it could be said that Professor Rabia Yazicigil and her students brought home a pile of medals.

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Densmore Team Launches CAD Program for Genome Editing

Sequel to Human Genome Project might spur cancer cures, climate solutions Associate Professor Doug Densmore (ECE, BME) and colleagues have developed a computer-aided design (CAD) program that will allow genetic engineers to design new microorganisms. The software could pave the way to cures for cancer, as well as solutions in the fight against climate change. […]

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The Universal Decoder That Works in One Microsecond

By Patrick L. Kennedy Assistant Professor Rabia Yazicigil (ECE) and colleagues from MIT and Maynooth have developed the first silicon chip that can decode any error-correcting code—even codes that don’t yet exist— potentially leading to faster and more efficient 5G networks and connected devices. “This could change the way we communicate and store information,” says […]

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Malware Apps Linger on Market for Weeks, Stringhini Finds

By Patrick L. Kennedy Even after being flagged as malicious software, malware persists on the Google Play app store for an average of 77 days, Assistant Professor Gianluca Stringhini (ECE) and colleagues found in an unprecedented study of millions of mobile app downloads in 201 countries. And it isn’t just Google. Malware apps—ranging from criminal […]

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The Sensor You Swallow

By Patrick L. Kennedy Thanks to the work of Assistant Professor Rabia Yazicigil (ECE) and her colleagues at MIT, Crohn’s and other bowel disease sufferers might someday skip the arduous annual endoscopy and instead swallow a pill-sized device that would literally shed light on what’s going on inside the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. MIT researchers previously […]

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Professor Robert Gray Named 2020 Aaron D. Wyner Distinguished Service Award Recipient

The IEEE Information Theory Society has honored BU ECE Research Professor Robert M. Gray with the 2020 Aaron D. Wyner Distinguished Service Award. The Wyner Award is given in recognition of an individual’s outstanding leadership in, and exceptional service to, the Information Theory community over a substantial period of time.

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Recognizing Undergraduate ECE Student for Machine Learning and Cloud Computing Research

Anthony Byrne Receives MIT Best Lighting Talk Award By Shereen Abubakr (QST ’18) ECE undergraduate Anthony Byrne (ENG ’19) received the Best Lightning Talk Award at the 2017 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference. The aim of the conference is to bring undergraduates from around the world together to advance technology by presenting, discussing, and […]

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Goyal Receives IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Vivek Goyal won a 2017 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award. His article, titled “Message-Passing De-Quantization with Applications to Compressed Sensing,” was published in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing in December 2012. Goyal is one of three authors, including Ulugbek S. Kamilov (Washington University in St. Louis) […]

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