Can Droplets be Used to Stop, Instead of Spread, Disease?

ENG, CDC researchers quantify how droplet formation might damage microbes, reducing disease transmission By Patrick L. Kennedy It happens in a flash. As you cough up a thread of the fluid that lines your respiratory tract, it breaks into tiny droplets, as small as a micrometer in diameter. Some of those droplets, or aerosols, might […]

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment to Address Inequity

This article was written by Eliza Shaw (CISE), videos produced by SE. Informing Policy, Resource Allocation and Workplace Adjustment Policies Video Part 1: Researching the risk of COVID-19 relates to the patients’ preexisting health conditions and socioeconomics factors.    COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, placing significant pressures on healthcare systems. Particularly in countries with limited […]

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