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A Detailed Study of the Expected and Actual Use of Hotel Amenities

By Chekitan S. Dev and Prateek Kumar[1] Introduction Choosing hotel amenities is a critical task for hotel owners and operators.  Offering too few amenities, or the wrong kind of amenities, can negatively affect the brand positioning of the hotel and the guest’s service experience. Offering too many amenities can waste capital, increase operating costs, and […]

Hospitality Branding in the Age of the Millennial

By Allen Adamson and Chekitan S. Dev The Exponential Growth in Both Hospitality Brands and the Millennial Audience Requires an Exponential Shift in Brand Portfolio Strategy The past decade has seen exponential growth in hospitality brands making for an often confounding proliferation of options for travelers. According to Smith Travel Research, from hard to soft, […]

Defining the New Luxury: Perspectives from Industry Leaders

By Chekitan S. Dev Luxury is nothing new. The concept is ancient and global, at least for the privileged few who attained the special status of royalty. The concept of premium accommodations for average consumers was pioneered by innovative hoteliers during the nineteenth century. During the years that have followed, the idea of a luxury […]