Category: Winter 2019

Green Hotels: An Overview

By Minu Agarwal and Prashant Das In this article, we adopt a real estate perspective and explore the sustainability implications of hotels. First, we provide a background on sustainability, describe how it relates to the hotel sector and synthesize literature on the economic implications of sustainability. Further, we provide and explain trends on sustainability certifications, […]

How Can Single-Unit Restaurants Strive for Powerful Online Presence?

By Leora Lanz and Jenna Berry With the age of technology in full swing and the use of social media at an all-time high, digital marketing is not only recommended, but also necessary. The following list of recommendations will ensure that an independent restaurant’s online marketing presence will survive and thrive in the competitive nature […]

The Necessity of Error Management Training in the Hospitality Industry

By Priyanko Guchait Mistakes and errors come in all shapes and sizes. In 2015, a number of major hotel corporations fell victim to cyber breaches. Hyatt Hotels Corporation’s payment processing system was breached and affected 250 hotels in about 50 countries. In that same year, data security incidents also occurred in Hilton Worldwide Holdings Incorporated […]

Why Hoteliers Stay and Go: Future Oriented Thinking

By Sean McGinley “Control your own destiny or someone else will.” ~ Jack Welch In many ways, companies in the hospitality industry thrive when they successfully deliver exceptional service experiences to their guests. As such, the human capital in the industry for forging positive relationships and fostering guest loyalty should be present at every successful […]

Failure is Not Fatal: Actionable Insights on Service Failure and Recovery for the Hospitality Industry

By Lisa C. Wan and Elisa Chan The service industry accounts for more than 70% of global GDP and continues to grow. This growth of the service sector in the foreseeable future is partly fueled by the rapid development of service technology (e.g., artificial technology (AI), chatbots, and automated self-service technology) in the digital age. […]

A Detailed Study of the Expected and Actual Use of Hotel Amenities

By Chekitan S. Dev and Prateek Kumar[1] Introduction Choosing hotel amenities is a critical task for hotel owners and operators.  Offering too few amenities, or the wrong kind of amenities, can negatively affect the brand positioning of the hotel and the guest’s service experience. Offering too many amenities can waste capital, increase operating costs, and […]