The Practicum

First Steps in Planning your Practicum

Decisions about your practicum should be made to fit your academic and professional goals and interests. Consult your academic advisor, any faculty whose interests intersect with your own, as well as the Practice office to begin exploring possible practicum opportunities. Departmental Faculty Practice Representatives (DFPR) and Practice office staff can work with you on your search for a practicum that suits your interests and career objectives.

Practicum Advisors in the Practice Office
Scott Harris, Practicum Director,
Katie Boss, Practicum Manager,

Not sure what the practicum entails? The Practicum Course Overview provides a brief description of the practicum requirements. For all the details, read through the 2014-15 Practicum Handbook

Quick Links

  • Visit the Practicum Blackboard for detailed information about course requirements.
  • Practicum Graphic: Displays a step-by-step graphic overview of the practicum process. Click on each box for an expanded view.
  • Visit the Practicum Search Tools for tips and resources to help you find a practicum.
  • If you’re ready to register, enter the Practiceweb to complete the Practicum Approval Form.
  • Click here to access the Practicum Registration Form