Web Application Development Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate program in Web Application Development provides fundamental concepts to develop web applications. Students will gain a comprehensive overview of both client-side and server-side development. The latest topics in PHP, .NET (C# 3.0, ASP.NET 3.5, ADO.NET, LINQ, WCF, and WPF), and Enterprise Java (Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, Spring, and EJBs) are widely covered. Students will also learn and work with cutting-edge technologies such as Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Flex, and Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Students will be creating real-world web application projects that will also involve interacting with databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQLSERVER.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Web Application Development will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge of web application development languages.
  • Proficiency in one or two server-side web language/platform-specific technologies like Java and .NET, and client-side languages like JavaScript.
  • Competence sufficient to apply acquired knowledge in migrating to new and emerging standards and technologies.

Program Options

Available on campus and in the following formats:

Admission Information

Prerequisite courses or evidence of proficiency in these areas must accompany the application to the program. If college-level credit courses are not in evidence, the department will determine what prerequisite courses must be completed in addition to the graduate certificate requirements. Students claiming equivalent proficiency in prerequisite courses from non-academic sources must take an examination to demonstrate such proficiency.

Official transcripts of previous academic work, two letters of recommendation, personal statement and résumé are required as part of the application.

A maximum of two graduate-level courses (8 credits) taken at Metropolitan College prior to acceptance into the program may be applied toward the certificate.

Minimum passing grade for a course in the graduate certificate program is C (2.0), but an average grade of B (3.0) must be maintained to be in good academic standing and satisfy the certificate requirements.

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Transfer of Credits to Degree Programs

Academic credits earned toward the Graduate Certificate in Web Application Development may be transferred to a Master of Science degree in Computer ScienceComputer Information Systems, or Telecommunication.

Program Requirements—On Campus


Any bachelor’s degree and programming experience equivalent to MET CS 231 or MET CS 232, and MET CS 341 or MET CS 342. Some courses may have additional prerequisites.


(Four courses/16 credits)

  • MET CS 579 Database Management or
    MET CS 669 Database Design and Implementation for Business
  • MET CS 601 Web Application Development
  • MET CS 651 Web Development with .NET or
    MET CS 667 Enterprise Java
  • MET CS 751 Web Services or
    MET CS 701 Rich Internet Application Development

Program Requirements—Online

Program requirements for the online Web Application Development Graduate Certificate can be viewed here.

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