Kristen Hahn, PhD, MPH

KHahnEntered BURPPE program September 2010
Graduated 2014

“Through the BURPPE program, I have been connected with leading epidemiologic and reproductive health researchers.”

Brief Biography

Kristen graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Cornell University in 2006, where she was a varsity rower and a biology student advisor. She graduated with an MPH from the University of North Texas Health Science Center in May 2008. While studying for her master’s degree, Kristen was Vice President of the Public Health Student Association, a teaching assistant for Principles of Epidemiology and Intermediate Epidemiology, and a fellow in the Minority K-12 Initiative for Teachers and Students program. After graduating, Kristen worked as a research coordinator at the Primary Care Research Institute in Fort Worth for two years. In addition to coordinating a Needs Assessment project among primary care physicians and a mental health screening program for Tarrant County probationers, Kristen also served as a research advisor for Safe Kids of Tarrant County and the Plaza Medical Center Family Medicine Residency. In 2010, Kristen entered the Epidemiology doctoral program at Boston University School of Public Health. As part of her internship, she conducted an analysis of maternal use of CNS medications in relation to neurocognitive outcomes in 5-12-year-old offspring. Kristen graduated in 2014. Dr. Hahn completed a two-year postdoc in the Department of Epidemiology at BUSPH where she worked on a study of treatment for opioid addiction in pregnancy and two prospective cohorts of pregnancy planners based in North America and Denmark. Currently, Dr. Hahn is a Senior Epidemiologist at Quintiles and is based in Cambridge, Mass.

Kristen’s CV

Research Interests

Kristen’s primary research interests are early life exposures and long-term health outcomes. Her dissertation focused on risk factors for spontaneous abortion including caffeine, oral contraceptives, and body size.


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  • Modern Epidemiology, Fall 2010
  • Categorical Data Analysis, Fall 2010
  • Logistic Regression and Survival Analysis, Spring 2011
  • Advanced Epidemiology Seminar, Spring 2011
  • Cohort/Case-control Studies, Fall 2011
  • Nutritional Epidemiology, Fall 2011
  • Epidemiologic Modeling, Fall 2011
  • Reproductive Epidemiology, Spring 2012
  • Guided Epidemiology, Spring 2012