Complex issues require comprehensive solutions.

Only in the context of social and cultural factors can complex health issues be truly understood. From unhealthy behaviors to gender-based health differences, where and how we live profoundly impact public health concerns. At the Department of Community Health Sciences (CHS), we apply both social and behavioral sciences to enhance the health and well-being of communities and promote health equity.

Our faculty members represent a diversity of scholarly expertise. Among their many interests are improving the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities; applying scientific theories and evidence from the field to develop interventions and policies tailored to diverse communities; teaching courses that emphasize assessment, intervention, communication, advocacy, and community-based research and practice; broadening student understanding of the factors that shape community health and how to improve it; exploring how disparities impact health in sexual and other minorities; and promoting social change.

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Recent Research in Community Health Sciences

Latest Publications

  • Published On 5/6/2022A Review of the Maternal and Child Health APHA Policy Statements, 1970-2019.Maternal and child health journalread at PubMed
  • Published On 5/5/2022Impact of illicit opioid use on markers of monocyte activation and systemic inflammation in people living with HIV.PloS oneread at PubMed
  • Published On 5/4/2022Assessing the impact of a statewide effort to improve breastfeeding rates: A RE-AIM evaluation of CHAMPS in Mississippi.Maternal & child nutritionread at PubMed
  • Published On 5/1/2022Parent Training for Dental Care in Underserved Children With Autism: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Pediatricsread at PubMed
  • Published On 5/1/2022Kidney Disease Mortality in the USA: a Call for Eliminating Inequities.Journal of general internal medicineread at PubMed

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