Inclusive Identity Data Collection and Use Initiative

In support of the BU 2030 Strategic Plan pillar of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, IS&T has been working in partnership with many university offices toward collecting and using inclusive identity data in BU Information Services & Technology. We understand that the use of community members’ chosen display name and pronouns, along with the appropriate use and protection of gender identity and sex information, are vital components of a safe and welcoming campus culture.

Our goal is to achieve, as rapidly as feasible, the comprehensive adoption of display name and community member-provided pronouns while ensuring the continued use of legal names where required by law or external entities.

We also aim to end the use of sex/gender data whenever such data is not required by law for effective implementation. When such data is required, we plan to use gender Identity unless sex is strictly required.

We are also providing community members with the option to provide sexual orientation data for use by authorized university offices in assessment and program development. This data will be securely stored and provided only with authorization from the appropriate data trustee (VP Enrollment and Student Administration for students, Chief Human Resource Officer for staff and faculty).

Display Name submitted in the BU Directory Personal Information Form is currently used in the following BU IS&T services:

  • Directory Services: BU Directory
  • Identity Services: BU Terrier Card (CS Gold)
  • Email and Calendaring:
    • Office 365 Outlook
    • BU Google Mail
  • Conferencing: Online Meetings: Teams
  • Housing Systems:
    • Student Housing Portal (StarRez)
    • Terrier Web
    • Mail room packages (SC Logic)
  • Campus Safety Services: BU Emergency Notification System
  • Space Reservations: Event Scheduling (25Live)
  • Service Management Systems: ServiceNow
  • Student Systems: MyBU Student

Community member pronouns provided in the BU Directory Personal Information Form are used in the following BU IS&T services:

  • BU Directory
  • Student Systems: MyBU Student

Gender Identity provided in the BU Directory Personal Information Form is currently used in the following BU IS&T services:

  • None at this time

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my name in other services that are not yet receiving it from the BU Directory Personal Information form?

  • Students: Visit this Registrar page for information on how to update your name in various student-related systems
  • Faculty and Staff: Visit this Human Resources page for information on how to update your name in various employee-related systems

When will all of BU’s systems be updated?

As systems are updated we will expand this list.The entire project to update the Student Information System will be completed by June 2024.

What should I do if I want to use my lived name on campus, but I don’t want this name displayed in the public BU Directory?

Students can elect to opt-out of being listed in the BU Directory by visiting this page and clicking on “Update Personal Information” in the lower right hand corner.  Faculty and staff are always included in the BU Directory, so you should take this into consideration if you are changing your Display Name.

What systems will continue to require that legal name be used?

We are still in the process of identifying what these are, but some examples include tax documents, payroll, financial aid award letters, transcripts, health benefits, and travel arrangements documentation.

What if I update my Display Name and then change my mind?

You can change your information at any time. The same instructions above can be used to change it back, or to something else.

Why is it so hard to change my name everywhere?

The university uses hundreds of different information systems to provide the many services that enable your experience. Each one of these has specific requirements, vendor suppliers and support teams behind them that have to make these changes. Some of these systems are very complex and integrated with other systems making them difficult to modify without extensive coordination, assessment of impact, decision making and testing.

Where can I go to learn more about how BU uses my personal bio-demographic information?

Please visit this page for more detail.