Hare Co-Authors Journal Article on Tele-Diplomacy

Ambassador Paul Hare, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, jointly authored an article in Global Policy on deglobalization, COVID-19, and their impact on the practice of diplomacy.  

The article, titled “COVID, Deglobalization and The Decline of Diplomacy: Could Tele-diplomacy Revitalize Diplomacy’s Capacity to Promote Consensus?,” was co-authored by Hare and Juan Luis Manfredi Sánchez, Associate Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University. In their piece, the authors discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted systematic dysfunctions in the diplomatic system epitomized by the absence of a multilateral response to the pandemic. Hare and Manfredi put forth tele-diplomacy as a means to rekindle international collaboration and “enable collective global issues to be addressed.”

The full article can be read on Global Policy‘s website.

Ambassador Paul Hare was a British diplomat for 30 years and the British ambassador to Cuba from 2001-04. He now teaches classes at Boston University on Diplomatic Practice, Arms Control, Intercultural Communication, and on Cuba in Transition. His novel, “Moncada — A Cuban Story,” set in modern Cuba, was published in 2010. His book, “Making Diplomacy Work; Intelligent Innovation for the Modern World” was published in 2015. Learn more about Professor Hare on his faculty profile.