Kilachand Course Requirements

The Kilachand curriculum is incredibly flexible in an effort to accommodate the school, college, and major requirements students must fulfill in addition to Kilachand the BU Hub, but is anchored by common experiences at various points.

All Kilachand students take the following courses:

  • KHC ST 111 & KHC ST 112
  • KHC HC 401
  • KHC HC 501

All Kilachand students must also meet the following requirements and are able to make choices therein to suit their interests and goals, or to complement the Hub units they earn through their schools, colleges, and majors as follows:

  • Kilachand First-Year Seminars (two total)
  • Global Challenges course (KHC HC301 or KHC HC 302 or both)
  • Keystone Project via various pathway options
  • Lives & Works section (KHC HC502 or KHC HC512 or KHC HC 522)

Depending on the combination of choices above, Kilachand students enroll in a total of 24 – 34 credits of Kilachand coursework over four years. For reference, a typical minor in the College of Arts & Sciences is 24 credits.

All Kilachand courses carry BU Hub units, including the Keystone Directed Study courses.

Current students should visit the semester registration pages for current course topics.