Kaleidoscope, A Journal of Kilachand Honors College

Volume 1, 2022 (view/download the digital journal)

We are delighted and honored to launch this inaugural issue of Kaleidoscope: A Journal of Kilachand Honors College, filled with the fascinating and insightful work of students in Kilachand Honors College. Kaleidoscope is an interdisciplinary journal that features the best student work of any genre produced in Kilachand Honors College classes. Like the optical instrument and work of art for which Kaleidoscope is named, we seek work that sheds light on many perspectives and angles and reflects the world in all its beauty and terror.

We are tremendously thankful to our Managing Editor and Designer, Megan West Kagstrom, as well as the entire editorial team for all their hard work and good cheer in launching Kilachand Honors College’s first journal, Kaleidoscope. Happy reading!