Details & Timeline

Being a part of the Kilachand Honors College community really enriched my experience at BU. I had friends who were engineers, philosophy majors, and communications majors. While studying biology myself, it was stimulating to consider my major through the lens of other disciplines, and the Kilachand Honors College community provides an ideal environment for this.

Patrick Reidy (CAS’14), Biology


Due to the linear nature of the Kilachand curriculum and cohort-based residential experience, Kilachand is unable to  admit transfer or current Boston University students. However, there are various honors pathways for Boston University students to pursue honors outside of Kilachand, such as CAS Departmental Honors and the Questrom Honors Program.

Boston University Application Deadlines

Some specialized academic programs require other materials and have separate deadlines. Please refer to BU Admissions for more information pertaining to your specific program. There is not a separate deadline to apply to Kilachand Honors College.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Applicants who wish to apply for financial aid and/or merit scholarships can refer to BU Financial Aid. Kilachand applicants will be considered for the same opportunities as all other Boston University applicants. Unfortunately, there are no scholarships specifically for Kilachand students and the criteria for Kilachand and merit awards do differ, so please keep in mind that the award of a scholarship is independent from admission to Kilachand Honors College.

Decision Notifications

Students who are invited to Kilachand Honors College will be notified at the time of their admission to Boston University. Invited students will see a Kilachand tab on their MyBU portal with their other Boston University decisions and awards.


If you decide that Boston University and Kilachand Honors College are right for you, congratulations! Visit your MyBU portal to officially enroll. Should you decide that you would prefer not to participate in Kilachand, you can decline enrollment and still attend Boston University.

Get to Know Us!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Our Kilachand Ambassadors are also available to help you. We look forward to getting to know you!