Check-In Locations

During the academic year move-in periods, students will be able to check in and pick up their keys at the following Residence Life office locations based on their housing assignment.


Check-In Location Residences
South Campus
(518 Park Drive)
All residences on Arundel St., Buswell St., Park Dr.,
St. Mary’s St., Mountfort St., and Carlton St.
Beacon Street Addresses: 820-1053 Beacon St.
Commonwealth Avenue Addresses: 708-728 Comm
Rich Hall
(277 Babcock Street)
Claflin, Sleeper, and Rich Halls
Warren Towers
(700 Commonwealth Avenue)
Warren A, B, & C Towers
The Towers
(140 Bay State Road)
The Towers (140 Bay State Road)
Bay State Road Addresses: 167-169, 171, 173-214 BSR
Kilachand Hall
(91 Bay State Road)
Kilachand Hall (91 Bay State Road)
Bay State Road Addresses: 79-139 BSR
Myles Standish Hall
(610 Beacon Street)
Myles Standish Hall (610 Beacon St.)
481-483 Commonwealth Ave
Danielsen Hall
(512 Beacon Street)
Danielsen Hall (512 Beacon St.)
Beacon Street Addresses: 517-521, 531 Beacon St.
575 Commonwealth Avenue Bay State Road Addresses: 153-164, 166-168, 172 BSR
Commonwealth Avenue Addresses: 575, 625, 627-629 Comm
33 Harry Agganis Way 33 Harry Agganis Way
10 Buick Street 10 Buick Street
1019 Commonwealth Avenue 1019 Commonwealth Avenue
Fenway Campus (37 Pilgrim Road) Campus Center & Student Residence (150 Riverway), Longwood House (154 Riverway), Pilgrim House (37 Pilgrim Road), Riverway House (162 Riverway)