Check-In Locations

During the academic year move-in period, students will be able to check in and pick up their keys at the following Residence Life office locations based on their housing assignment.

Check-In Location Residences
South Campus
(518 Park Drive)
All residences on Arundel St., Buswell St., Park Dr.,
St. Mary’s St., Mountfort St., and Carlton St.
Beacon Street Addresses: 820-1053 Beacon St.
Commonwealth Avenue Addresses: 708-728 Comm
Claflin Hall
(273 Babcock Street)
Claflin Hall (273 Babcock St.)
Sleeper Hall
(275 Babcock Street)
Sleeper Hall (275 Babcock St.)
Rich Hall
(277 Babcock Street)
Rich Hall (277 Babcock St.)
Warren Towers
(700 Commonwealth Avenue)
Warren A, B, & C Towers
The Towers
(140 Bay State Road)
The Towers (140 Bay State Road)
Bay State Road Addresses: 167-169, 171, 173-214 BSR
Kilachand Hall
(91 Bay State Road)
Kilachand Hall (91 Bay State Road)
Bay State Road Addresses: 79-139 BSR
Myles Standish Hall
(610 Beacon Street)
Myles Standish Hall (610 Beacon St.)
481-483 Commonwealth Ave
Danielsen Hall
(512 Beacon Street)
Danielsen Hall (512 Beacon St.)
Beacon Street Addresses: 517-521, 531 Beacon St.
575 Commonwealth Avenue Bay State Road Addresses: 153-164, 166-168, 172 BSR
Commonwealth Avenue Addresses: 575, 625, 627-629 Comm
33 Harry Agganis Way 33 Harry Agganis Way
10 Buick Street 10 Buick Street
1019 Commonwealth Avenue 1019 Commonwealth Avenue