Freshmen & Transfer Students

Freshmen Residency Requirements

Living on campus allows students to be fully engaged in the BU experience. All freshmen are required to live on campus, as are all students who received University-funded scholarships equal to or greater than tuition.

Freshmen may request an exception to the freshman-year residency requirement if they reside locally with a parent (whose principal place of domicile is within a 20-mile radius of Boston University’s Charles River Campus and has been for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding registration as an entering freshman), child, or spouse; or if they are 21 years of age or older by October 1 of their entering year.

To request an exception, send a letter accompanied by a written statement of parental consent, to:

Boston University Housing
25 Buick Street
Boston, MA 02215

The University Housing Committee must give written approval for a freshman or full-tuition merit scholar to be released from the requirement to live on campus and occupy a residence other than one in University housing.

Students (including full-tuition merit scholarship recipients) who are under 16 years of age as of October 1 of their entering year are not eligible to live on campus, and thus not required to meet freshman-year residency requirements.

Note: “Principal place of domicile” means a person’s true, fixed, and permanent home and place of habitation, to the exclusion of all others. It is the place where the person intends to remain permanently. “Parent” means a person’s father or mother. In the case of legally separated or divorced parents, “parent” means either a parent with legal custody or a parent providing more than one-half of a student’s total financial support.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are encouraged to live on campus in order to be fully engaged in the BU experience. BU guarantees housing for transfer students for the duration of their undergraduate studies provided they pay the BU enrollment deposit, complete the New Student Housing Application, and submit the $600 housing guarantee payment by July 1.

The on-campus residences provide safe and supportive learning communities near classrooms, libraries, recreational facilities, and dining locations. There are a wide variety of accommodations within the BU residence system from historic brownstones on Bay State Road, to modern high-rises, to private apartments in the adjacent neighborhoods. On-campus housing for transfer students is not required but strongly recommended.

Living on-campus offers exceptional, affordable and convenient housing because students are close to their classes, friends, organizations, campus activities, and multiple dining options. On-campus living offers a diverse community with 24/7 security check points and swipe card access. Students maximize their time by utilizing one of our many residential study spaces, have the reassurance of our dedicated facility staff, and know that all amenities (furniture, cable TV, and reliable wireless connections) are included.