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Editor’s Letter – Consumer Behavior

October 2022 By Makarand Mody, Associate Professor of Hospitality Marketing; Director of Research; Chair of Undergraduate Programs, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration I am delighted to present this special issue on Consumer Behavior for the Boston Hospitality Review. The last two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic have truly served as an […]

October 2021 Editors’ Letter

By Lydia Hanks, Ph.D., Florida State University, and Makarand Mody, Ph.D., Boston University School of Hospitality Administration We are delighted to present this special issue on consumer behavior for the Boston Hospitality Review. While Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the hospitality and tourism industry, in many ways, it has fundamentally altered how we […]

The Restaurant of the Future: Blending the Tech and Touch in a Post-Covid World?

By Lydia Hanks, Ph.D., Flordia State University, Makarand Mody, Ph.D., Boston University School of Hospitality Administration, and Noah Katcher, Boston University The way in which customers interact with restaurants is shifting rapidly, and the nature of the restaurant experience continues to evolve. The ubiquity of digital platforms has created unique opportunities for restaurants to engage their […]

Beyond Empty Branding: Creating Meaningful Brands in a Post-Covid World – Insights for Hospitality Practitioners

By Makarand Mody, Ph.D., Boston University School of Hospitality Administration & Lydia Hanks, Ph.D., Florida State University Covid-19 has been a watershed moment in recent human history. While causing unprecedented turbulence and chaos both economically and socially, the pandemic has cemented the place of brands as a source of permanence and stability in our lives. […]

Hospitality Communications in a Time of Coronavirus: Tips for Maintaining Trust and Engagement

By Leora Halpern Lanz, Marco Ferrari and Dr. Makarand Mody The last three weeks have been like no other in our lifetimes. Watching the world of travel, hotels, restaurants, and hospitality in general, turn upside down – so rapidly, around the world – has been disheartening and simply surreal. As marketers and communicators who have […]

Airbnb and the Hotel Industry: The Past, Present, and Future of Sales, Marketing, Branding, and Revenue Management

By Makarand Mody and Monica Gomez For a long time, the hotel industry did not consider Airbnb a threat. Both the industry and Airbnb claimed they were serving different markets and had different underlying business models. Over the years, as Airbnb become more successful and grown to being larger than the companies in the hotel […]

Blockchain Technology & its Implications for the Hospitality Industry

By Tarik Dogru, Makarand Mody, & Christie Leonardi “A world with little or no intermediaries where there is no need to build trust between people and transactions are completed in seconds. This is the promise of the Blockchain Technology.” -Tarik Dogru Blockchain technology and its economic, social, and technological implications, mainly in the form of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, […]

How Does My Neighbor Feel About my Airbnb?

  By Makarand Mody, Courtney Suess & Tarik Dogru The sharing economy and Airbnb in particular, has drawn significant media attention. A major disruptor to a global hospitality and tourism industry that remained relatively static for decades, the sharing economy has deeply divided its proponents and critics. The industry’s initial response was to shrug off […]

The hotel industry’s Achilles Heel? Quantifying the negative impacts of Airbnb on Boston’s hotel performance

By Tarik Dogru, PhD, Makarand Mody, PhD, Courtney Suess, PhD Airbnb is the largest firm in the sharing economy marketplace, with about 3 million listings, including entire homes, shared rooms, and private rooms—more than the world’s largest three hotel chains combined (IHG, Marriott, Hilton, 2.58 M listings). It has hosted about 50 million guests in […]