Category: Fall 2017

“The Six Touchstones” A Model for Hospitality Students

By Christopher Muller and Michael Oshins Hospitality management education requires many different perspectives to be considered, given the broad array of pedagogies used throughout a four-year curriculum. With some planning—and, sometimes, with a bit of serendipity—simple ideas may resonate with students well beyond the time they spend in a classroom. In previous Boston Hospitality Review […]

A (Diamond) Cut Above the Rest: Improving Hotel Operations Based on TripAdvisor Rating Attributes

By Suzanne Bagnera While TripAdvisor has been in operation since 2000 (TripAdvisor, 2012), the adoption of the website by hospitality industry professionals was rather delayed. However, in more recent years, hotel operators and other hospitality institutions have acknowledged the benefits that this service can provide and have embraced it more fully. With the advanced review […]

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place: The Application of Feng Shui to Hotels

  By Ingrid Lin “You wouldn’t build anything in most parts of Asia without having feng shui consultants come in and help you.” – Neil Jacobs, the president of global hotel operations for Starwood Capital. Feng Shui:  real, phony, or magic? The western world might consider feng shui to be a mystical and mysterious art, […]

The hotel industry’s Achilles Heel? Quantifying the negative impacts of Airbnb on Boston’s hotel performance

By Tarik Dogru, PhD, Makarand Mody, PhD, Courtney Suess, PhD Airbnb is the largest firm in the sharing economy marketplace, with about 3 million listings, including entire homes, shared rooms, and private rooms—more than the world’s largest three hotel chains combined (IHG, Marriott, Hilton, 2.58 M listings). It has hosted about 50 million guests in […]