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Letter from the Dean – October 2021 Consumer Behavior Edition

Welcome to Boston Hospitality Review: Consumer Behavior Edition Let’s cut to the chase. What was “at your service” has been replaced by consumers expecting to have services “on-demand.” The imagery of a butler in white gloves carrying a silver tray has been replaced by shouting across the room, “Hey Alexa,” followed by a command in […]

October 2021 Editors’ Letter

By Lydia Hanks, Ph.D., Florida State University, and Makarand Mody, Ph.D., Boston University School of Hospitality Administration We are delighted to present this special issue on consumer behavior for the Boston Hospitality Review. While Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the hospitality and tourism industry, in many ways, it has fundamentally altered how we […]

Influencer Marketing: A Comparison of Traditional Celebrity, Social Media Influencer, and AI Influencer

By Lu Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Michigan State University, and Wei Wei, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Central Florida Introduction Celebrity endorsement as an effective marketing tool has long been recognized by hotels, restaurants, and tourist destinations. It has a positive impact on brand image, consumer buying behavior, as well as firms’ financial performance. Companies spend […]

The Rise of Service Robots in the Hospitality Industry: Some Actionable Insights

By Sungwoo Choi, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong & Lisa C. Wan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Introduction The current wave of service technologies is service robots, “system-based autonomous and adaptable interfaces that interact, communicate and […]

The Restaurant Social Servicescape: Current Perspectives and Future Considerations

By: Nathan Line, Cecil B. Day Distinguished Professor, Dedman College of Hospitality, Florida State University Managers of service organizations have long understood the importance of creating a service environment that is both aesthetically appealing and conveniently functional. The design of consumption space is especially important in the hospitality industry where the duration of the consumption […]

Digital Trail Development Opportunities for Tourism and Hospitality: Lessons from Ireland

By Alex Gibson, Assistant Head of School, School of Marketing, TU Dublin, and Barry Rogers, Smart Tourism Programme Manager, Smart Dublin Abstract As technology advances, its application in the tourism domain has continued to expand. Among the most promising ways technology can be deployed in this context are digital trails. Immersive technology and AR (Augmented Reality) […]

Sustainable Loyalty Reward Management Through Loyalty Reward Donation

By Lisa Gao, Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Hotel and Tourism Management Loyalty reward programs are common in the hospitality and tourism industry. Given the staggered tourism growth under the Covid-19 pandemic, hospitality companies’ sustainable and socially responsible strategies are considered a key competitive advantage to win customers. Philanthropic initiatives, […]

Service Interactions in the New Light of Hospitality

“What guests really remember about a hotel is not service (the task that is expected) but it [is] the hospitality that is exhibited.” – Montgomery, 2016 By Lu Lu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Temple University Service Interactions – Why Does it Matter? The hospitality industry thrives on producing exceptional customer service. Different from other businesses, hospitality […]

The Restaurant of the Future: Blending the Tech and Touch in a Post-Covid World?

By Lydia Hanks, Ph.D., Flordia State University, Makarand Mody, Ph.D., Boston University School of Hospitality Administration, and Noah Katcher, Boston University The way in which customers interact with restaurants is shifting rapidly, and the nature of the restaurant experience continues to evolve. The ubiquity of digital platforms has created unique opportunities for restaurants to engage their […]

Creating Enchanted Customer Experiences

By J. Bruce Tracey, Professor, Cornell University and James Houran, Managing Director, AETHOS Consulting Group As the world attempts to recover from the seemingly endless Covid-19 pandemic, many hospitality companies have placed considerable emphasis on creating more engaging and enriching customer experiences. Indeed, there is growing evidence that customers are looking for something more and […]