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December 2021 Editors’ Letter

By LookerStudio on Shutterstock By Sean Jung, Ph.D., and Mark Legg, Ph.D., Boston University School of Hospitality Administration In the past few decades, our industry has evolved to provide more diverse service offerings and intrinsic experiences. As a result, guests now expect more personalized services than ever before while having more places to choose where […]

Identifying When a Customer is Lost?

By Timothy Webb, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, University of Delaware, Mark Legg, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Hospitality Analytics, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration, and Michael Mancini, Ph.D., Industry Consultant Customer loyalty is fundamental to the success of any hospitality organization. The industry relies on B2C interactions that drive customer loyalty […]

From Performance Media To Media Performance

By Chris Novak, Chief Data Science & Analytics Officer, Eden Collective With the advent of digital marketing, the concept of Performance Media was able to take hold. Marketers for hospitality organizations relied on deterministic connections based on cookies to understand exactly who had been exposed to their media and the actions that their guests took […]

The Value of Analytics in a Post-Covid World

By: Mark Legg, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Hospitality Analytics, Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration Demand in the hospitality industry is starting to pick back up after the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, hospitality organizations drastically cut down their workforce to only essential rank and file employees, all while reducing or […]

How Consumer Perceptions Affect Ethnic Restaurant Location Patterns

By Sean (Sangwon) Jung, Ph.D., Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration Introduction Ethnic restaurants in the U.S. have been consistently growing. So much so that according to the U.S. census bureau, ethnic restaurants have increased by an impressive 45% from 2002 to 2012, while the total number of restaurants have only increased by 19%. […]

Letter from the Dean – December 2021 Data Analytics Edition

Welcome to Boston Hospitality Review: Data Analytics Edition Gift-giving has never been more difficult. Everyone in the family can go online and just order whatever they want. It’s instant, but is it gratifying? And what happens once the thrill of getting a package is gone? The bigger problem is: what do we do with all […]

Using Analytics to Identify How Restaurant CEO Overconfidence Affects Performance

By: Hong Soon Kim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Purdue University Introduction In the world of big data, data analysis has become extremely important in capturing meaningful insights from a tsunami of information. This is no exception in the hospitality world where plenty of interesting data can be retrieved through various operation reports created within businesses. From annual […]

Is There an Optimal Price for Group Rates?

By: Yunmei (Mabel) Bai, Doctoral Candidate, Purdue University, and Chun-Hung (Hugo) Tang, Associate Professor, Purdue University Introduction In the digital age, the focus of modern hospitality analytics, in both academia and in the industry, is identifying unique data to discover new variables that affect our businesses. However, understanding existing core theorems using current situations as […]

Letter from the Dean – November 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Edition

Welcome to Boston Hospitality Review: Corporate Social Responsibility Edition In this era of being “woke,” the wake-up call for change cannot be ignored. We have reached a crisis point on many critical issues. There’s no snooze button that will allow us to rest any longer. Timely and important, this special edition on Corporate Social Responsibility […]

November 2021 Editors’ Letter

By Manisha Singal, Ph.D., Virginia Tech, and Seoki Lee, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University Despite decades of discussion and debate around the merits of the shareholder versus the stakeholder approach to business and the relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with corporate financial performance, neither scholars, public policy experts, nor practitioners have reached any consensus regarding […]