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Letter from the Dean – Restaurant Leadership Edition

March-April 2023 We’ll admit that Hospitality has been slow to change. This problem has been particularly evident in the last few years when droves of employees left the hospitality industry. This Restaurant Leadership Edition of Boston Hospitality Review (BHR), edited by Sean Jung, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Hospitality Analytics at Boston University School of Hospitality […]

Letter from the Dean – Brain Food Edition

December 2022 Recent data from the United States restaurant industry shows that Americans are eating out more than ever before. The USDA reports that food-away-from-home (restaurants, take-out outlets, and other eateries) accounted for 55% of total food expenditures in 2021 (“2021 U.S. Food-away-from-home spending,” 2022). The trend of eating out more is likely due to […]

Letter from the Dean – Consumer Behavior Edition

October 2022 “Stay in your lane.” Sage advice, but to innovate you need room to maneuver. In Hospitality, we have “lanes” that can be tracked along the lines of subject areas that include Finance, Operations, Food & Beverage, Lodging, Marketing, and Leadership, among others. In fact, many of the issues of this journal have been […]

Letter from the Dean – Leadership

May 2022 “Those lobster rolls were amazing, weren’t they?” extolled David Pavelko, Global Hospitality Partnerships Director of Google Travel. The combination of humor and humility won over the enraptured audience as he took on the tall order of being the closing speaker after many inspiring Talks at our school’s recent Hospitality Leadership Summit. In addition […]

Letter from the Dean – P.O.C. Ph.D. Pathway Program Edition

Welcome to the P.O.C. Ph.D. Pathway Program in Hospitality and Tourism Edition – March 2022 I am proud to share with you the launch of the P.O.C. Ph.D. Pathway Program in Hospitality and Tourism, a nationwide initiative developed in partnership with a consortium of deans and directors from Hospitality programs at universities across the country. […]

Letter from the Dean – February 2022

Dear Boston Hospitality Review Subscribers, It is my pleasure to invite you to our upcoming spring semester of the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, offered in-person at our school and available virtually.  This Friday, February 4 at 11 am EST, I will join in conversation with Karambir Kang, Area Director, USA of Indian Hotels Company Ltd, […]

Letter from the Dean – December 2021 Data Analytics Edition

Welcome to Boston Hospitality Review: Data Analytics Edition Gift-giving has never been more difficult. Everyone in the family can go online and just order whatever they want. It’s instant, but is it gratifying? And what happens once the thrill of getting a package is gone? The bigger problem is: what do we do with all […]

Letter from the Dean – November 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Edition

Welcome to Boston Hospitality Review: Corporate Social Responsibility Edition In this era of being “woke,” the wake-up call for change cannot be ignored. We have reached a crisis point on many critical issues. There’s no snooze button that will allow us to rest any longer. Timely and important, this special edition on Corporate Social Responsibility […]