Career Opportunities

“I am working as a Senior Software Developer at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc. In my current role, I am developing and supporting AMD’s software that optimizes the company’s global supply chain operations and provides 2-year production plans based on various supply, demand and capacity scenarios. Together with my team, I am working towards reducing the production planning cycle time with better handling of the big input data, and improving the related optimization models that would save the company millions of dollars from its supply chain costs. In short, I am helping AMD to operate efficiently so that the company can better position itself in the competitive semiconductor industry. There is no doubt that my graduate study in the Division of Systems Engineering at Boston University made it possible for me to obtain this role at AMD.”
– Enes Bilgin, SE PhD, 2014, Senior Software Developer, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Career opportunities in Systems Engineering (SE) are being driven by the increasing global nature of society combined with technology advances in communications, embedded systems, and computing. This, in turn, is driving the need for more sophisticated SE methods to manage this complex and interconnected world. SE graduates are able to specialize and take advantage of employment opportunities in strategic areas such as computational and systems biology, networking and communication network design and operations, control systems and robotics, manufacturing, production and service systems, and supply chain logistics.

Through the Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE), the Division receives frequent feedback from our industrial collaborators (e.g., Analog Devices, Axcelis, BAE Systems, Celestica, Inc., Cisco Systems, Fulflex, JDS Uniphase, IBM, The Mathworks, Raytheon, Schlumberger) on current industrial needs. There is increasing evidence of a growing demand for systems engineers to address problems in software, communications, and military applications. Furthermore, there are entrepreneurial opportunities, particularly in the field of wireless networking and sensor networking, with companies like Millenial Net, Inc, Sensicast Systems, Crossbow Technology, and others.

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