Check the Student Link to confirm you are in compliance for registration. Upon logging in, go to the Personal tab, followed by selecting Compliance Status; failure to meet the following requirements will prevent you from registering for future semesters.

For Fall 2020, Boston University requires that all students update their Learn from Anywhere location and class status in the Student Link. Please update this information when you change your LfA status, or location, at any time during the semester.

Boston University requires all students studying on Massachusetts campuses must provide a BU Alert phone number, which is used to notify you of a University-wide emergency. View and update your BU Alert phone number on the Student Link, Personal Tab, Address and Phone Option. If you are a BU employee, update or confirm your BU Alert phone number at BUworks Central.

Boston University requires all students settle their financial obligation each semester.

Boston University requires all incoming first-year and transfer students to complete the AlcoholEdu for College training.

Massachusetts law requires that all full-time and many part-time students be immunized against a number of diseases in order to attend a university in the Commonwealth. Starting in Fall 2020, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Boston University are requiring that students receive an influenza vaccine (flu shot)

Boston University requires all students complete the Sexual Misconduct Prevention training.

In order to comply with the safety regulations of the City of Boston, Boston University requires students studying on Massachusetts campuses to provide a current local address. Your local address is defined as the address in which you reside while taking classes at Boston University. View and update your local address on the Student Link, Personal Tab, Address and Phone Option.  For Fall 2020 students, if you are a dormitory resident your local address will automatically change to your dorm address making you compliant for this item, on August 14.

The Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law requires that all out-of-state students sign an acknowledgment that they have been informed of the law (compliance required in the fall semester only).