Transportation Services Policies (updated 1/19/2024)

Boston University offers a variety of parking options to meet the needs and schedules of faculty, staff, and students. All parking policies and regulations are managed by Parking & Transportation Services at all times with the aid of mobile and stationary License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and a state-of-the-art parking access and permit management system.

Employees, students, and approved non-affiliates may apply for parking online through the Transportation Management Portal (TMP). Please note that there are parking areas/spaces adjacent to the Charles River Campus that are governed by municipal authorities and private entities, where University parking privileges are not valid. It is important to be aware of your surroundings, and pay attention to the signage placed in parking lots, alleyways, and garages.


    • All vehicles parking on campus must hold an active BU Parking Permit, which is available through the Transportation Management Portal. Vehicles parked by guests must use the hourly/daily transient parking ticket upon entry.
    • Permit holders must display a valid state-issued license plate associated when parking on campus. A state-issued license plate must face the aisle from which the parking space was entered. Vehicles without front license plates should not back into spaces.
    • Permit holders may park only one vehicle on campus at a time. If more than one vehicle is parked on campus at the same time, the permit holder and vehicle will be subject to parking enforcement policies, which may include, warnings, fines, and towing at the permit holder’s cost.
    • Permit holders are solely responsible for vehicle information on file with Parking & Transportation Services. All vehicle information, including registration (license plate), must be entered accurately and updated by the permit holder via the Transportation Management Portal. Failure to enter correct information or update information regarding new vehicles, rental vehicles, loaned vehicles, etc. may result in denied entry/exit at gated lots as well as fines and towing.
    • Permits are not transferable. At times, the permit holder’s BU ID may be required to enter/exit parking facilities.
    • Parking & Transportation Services guarantees permit holders a parking space on the Charles River Campus but does not guarantee a space near the permit holder’s destination.
    • It may be necessary to move your vehicle at the request of Parking & Transportation Services to accommodate major University events, construction projects, and unforeseen circumstances (see “Temporary Parking Restrictions” section below).
    • The unavailability of a specific parking location or space, severe weather, or running late for a class or meeting are not valid excuses for violating any parking regulations. All University parking spaces are clearly identified by either signs or pavement markings. If an area is not specifically marked as University parking, you should assume that you cannot park there.
    • Parking on campus is limited. All permit types are subject to availability.
    • Boston University assumes no responsibility for vehicle damage, theft, or theft of vehicle contents when the vehicle is parked on University property.
    • Boston University assumes no responsibility for vehicle damage resulting from towing.
    • The speed limit in all Boston University Parking facilities (gated and ungated lots and alleyways) is 5 MPH.

Cancellations, Deductions, and Refunds

      • Parking Permits must be cancelled via the Transportation Management Portal. Cancellations, once approved, will be effective the following permit week. Permit weeks run from Monday through Sunday.
      • For those paying through payroll deduction, permit fees will continue to accrue, and deductions will continue until cancellation by employee, leave of absence, or termination.
      • For those who paid for a permit in advance, a prorated refund will be issued once cancellation has been approved. The prorated refund is based on the number of full weeks remaining on the parking permit, from the date of cancellation.
      • If you have difficulty cancelling your permit, please email us at

BU IDs and Proximity Cards

        • University-issued IDs serve as secondary credentials for gated parking facilities. If your BU ID is lost, stolen, or damaged, visit the Terrier Card website for replacement instructions. A replacement fee may apply.
        • Parking & Transportation Services issues non-ID proximity cards for certain permits. If this type of permit is lost, stolen, or damaged it should be reported immediately to

Accessible Parking

        • Vehicles with Boston University Accessible Parking authorization are permitted to park in designated University-owned Accessible Parking spaces with a valid parking permit.
        • Permit holders who wish to request accessible parking should email to be set up with the appropriate access.
        • Employees and students with state-issued Disability placards or license plates must submit corresponding state-issued document(s) when applying for Accessible parking privilege.
        • Employees who seek temporary, time-specified use of accessible parking should contact the BU Equal Opportunity Office via email or by completing a request form.
        • Students who seek temporary, time-specified use of accessible parking should contact BU Disability & Access Services at 617-353-3658 or via email.
        • Once Parking & Transportation Services receives the certification from the Equal Opportunity Office, you will be authorized to purchase temporary University Accessible Parking at the regular parking rate. If you are not already a parking permit holder, the parking fee must be paid in full at the time it is obtained.

Agganis Event Restrictions

        • During Agganis Arena events, parking permit holders will be restricted from parking in the following “Arena parking facilities”:
          • Agganis Arena Lot (C-2) and Garage (A)
          • Langsam Garage (B)
          • Buick Street Lot (D)
          • CFA Lot (E)
          • Essex Street Garage & Lot (F)
        • Parking restrictions will begin 90 minutes prior to the start of most weekday and all evening performances.
        • Arena parking facilities will be closed to permit holders on the day of some weekday and weekend matinee performances and for major University events (e.g., Spring Open House, Commencement, etc.).
        • Permit holders wishing to park in gated or ungated lots and alleyways west of the BU Bridge during a scheduled Arena event will be directed to the following alternate lots and garages:
          • Lower Bridge Lot (G)
          • Upper Bridge Lot (H)
          • Warren Towers Garage (K)
          • 730/750 Commonwealth Ave Garage (Q)
          • 766 Commonwealth Ave Lot (R)
        • Parking & Transportation Services and the Agganis Arena will notify parking program participants in advance of event parking restrictions through the use of parking lot and garage signs and the Agganis Arena event calendars. Please visit the Agganis Arena calendar online for event details.

Temporary Parking Restrictions

Construction projects, major University events, and unforeseen emergencies (including weather and snow emergencies) may require Parking & Transportation Services to close or restrict gated or ungated lots for a specified period of time. Parking & Transportation Services will notify all affected parking permit holders of the times, dates, and locations of these parking restrictions in advance. Should you have any parking or transportation questions related to these special situations or if you need assistance locating a vehicle moved in response to them, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 617-353-2160, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or the Boston University Police Department at 617-353-2110 during evenings, weekends, and holidays.


All parking policies are enforced by Parking & Transportation Services at all times with the aid of mobile and stationary License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and a state-of-the-art parking access and permit management system. Permit holders can avoid enforcement proceedings by registering their vehicles, applying for a parking permit using the Transportation Management Portal (TMP), and abiding by parking policies and signage.


$ 40.00 Parking in an Accessible Space/Ramp without Accessible Parking Permit
$ 25.00 Parking in a Reserved Space
$ 25.00 Parking in a Tow Zone
$ 25.00 Parking in a Fire Lane
$ 25.00 Occupying Two Spaces with one Vehicle Double Parking/Two Spaces
$ 25.00 Parking with an Invalid Permit – Location/Time
$ 25.00 Parking in a Loading Zone/Dumpster
$ 25.00 Parking without a Permit
$ 25.00 Parking in a No Parking Zone
$ 25.00 Obstructing Roadway/Driveway/Crosswalk
$ 25.00 Permit in Use/Two Vehicles Parked Simultaneously
$ 25.00 Parking in an EV Space – Not Plugged In
$ 25.00 Parking in a Bus Stop
$ 25.00 Parking on a Sidewalk
$ 25.00 License Plate not facing Aisle
$ 25.00 Other
$ – Warning of Parking Violation(s) Noted Above

Violation Progression

Number of Warnings/Citations Incurred over a twelve (12) month period beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31.

Vehicle registered within the TMP (license plate affiliated with a permit active after 8/2/21)

1st Infraction: No-Fine Warning issued*
2nd Infraction: 2nd and last No-Fine Warning Issued*
3rd Infraction: Citation/Fine Issued based on Violation(s) noted above
4th Infraction: Citation/Fine Issued based on Violation(s) noted above
5th and Subsequent infractions: Vehicle towed at the owner’s expense (a cost of approximately $160)

Vehicle not registered within the TMP

1st Infraction: No-Fine Warning issued*
2nd Infraction: Citation/Fine issued based on Violation(s) noted above
3rd and subsequent infractions: Vehicle towed at the owner’s expense (a cost of approximately $160)

*The following infractions will result in an immediate citation (no warning):

        • In cases where the vehicle is found to be a commercial, contractor vehicle.
        • In cases where the vehicle is parked in an accessible space without a valid accessible placard, or an exception noted within the parking system related to an approved, temporary accessible need.
        • In cases where the vehicle poses a safety hazard.
        • In cases where the vehicle is impeding university operations.


If you believe your car has been towed, call Parking & Transportation Services at 617-353-2160, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., for confirmation and retrieval instructions. After 5 p.m. or on weekends, call the Boston Tow Line at 617-343-4629 or use the Boston Towed Cars Lookup online.

Citation Payment and Appeals

        • Citation payments must be made via credit card using the Transportation Management Portal.
        • Payment is due within twenty-one (21) days of citation issuance.
        • Citations not paid within twenty-one (21) days of issuance may result in:
          • assessment of an additional $10 late fee
          • revocation of access to gated lots
          • immediate towing from alleys and ungated lots and garages
        • Appeals are made using the Transportation Management Portal and must be made within seven (7) days of citation issuance.


        • Boston University has multiple Chargepoint Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations on campus. Locations, rates, and instructions for use can be found on our EV Charging Station webpage.
        • Vehicles parked in EV charging spaces must be plugged into the EV charging station.
        • Parking in EV charging spaces is not to exceed 4 hours.
        • Permit restrictions remain in effect for the use of EV charging stations in permit-only lots and garages.
        • EV charging station users are subject to Chargepoint Terms and Conditions.


Student Permit Eligibility

        • First year students are not eligible for parking permits.
        • “Campus Resident” parking is restricted to students who reside on campus in housing managed by BU Residence Life.
        • Students residing “off campus” in the following ZIP codes: 02115, 02116, 02134, 02139, 02163, 02199, 02215, 02446 are not eligible for Commuter, or Flex Permits. These ZIP codes contain a portion of the Town of Brookline, portions of the City of Cambridge, and the following Boston neighborhoods: Allston, Brighton, Fenway/Kenmore, Back Bay, and Bay Village as well as segments of other nearby neighborhoods.
        • Students with Campus Resident parking permits may only register one vehicle on their account.

Graduate Housing Resident Parking

          • Graduate students residing in BU Graduate Housing may opt to rent a parking space through Transportation Services
          • Applicants who are granted and have successfully paid for their rental parking space (the “rental parker”) will be assigned one designated space by Transportation Services. This is the only parking space available to the rental parker.
            • Rental parkers residing in and assigned parking in 580 Commonwealth Avenue will be provided a transponder for access into the 580 Commonwealth Avenue garage. Transponders must be returned at the end of the parking rental term and/or prior to the rental parker moving out of the residence (whichever comes first). Failure to return transponder, or transponders that are claimed as lost/stolen, will result in a $50 replacement/restocking charge to the rental parker.
          • The rental parker may only park the vehicle that is registered with Transportation Services.
          • The rental parker must provide 30-day written notice via email to Transportation Services ( if they wish to terminate their parking space rental.
          • Transportation Services will provide 30-day written notice via email to the rental parker if Transportation Services must revoke their rented parking space.
          • The term for rental parking spaces assigned to rental parker will be 12 consecutive months from August 1 – July 31. The payment schedule , paid for via credit card, will be as follows.
            • July 31
            • December 31st
            • May 19th
            • Prorated amounts will be determined by Transportation Services if a space is assigned after August 1.
          • Payment will only be accepted via the Transportation Management Portal.
          • Transportation Services has the authority to relocate an assigned rental parking space, temporarily or permanently, without notice for any reason, including that of construction and snow removal.
          • IMPORTANT – If another vehicle is parked in your assigned rental parking space:
            • During regular business hours (Weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. excluding holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day), call the Parking & Transportation Services Office at 617-353-2160, extension 6 and speak with a staff member for assistance including being provided an alternative place to park while Parking & Transportation Services has the other vehicle removed/relocated.
            • During non-business hours (including weekends, holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day), please take a photo of the vehicle showing it is parked within your space as much as you are able. A second photo should be taken to clearly show the vehicle license plate. Then, please park your vehicle at the 575 Commonwealth Avenue lot. Finally, submit an email right away to attaching the photos, and providing the date and time in which you found the vehicle as well as your name, your BUID, your resident address and your assigned rental parking space number. You will be contacted by Parking & Transportation Services the morning of the next business day with any further instructions including when you will be able to return to your space.
              • Please note that the temporary parking allowance at 575 Commonwealth Avenue expires after 72 hours.

      Student Permit Payment

            • Student Permits are sold in semester-long increments and can be charged to a credit card or, if eligible, Student Account. Pricing and refunds are prorated weekly (see “Cancellations, Deductions, and Refunds” section).


      Payment for Employee Permits

            • Employee permits are paid for through “pre-tax” payroll deduction, if eligible.
            • Each month, up to $300* in parking costs can be sheltered (not taxed) from federal, FICA, and state withholding taxes.
            • The $300* monthly limit includes employee and employer contributions to the Transit Station Parking Benefit. If Combined Transit Station Parking Benefit and CRC Parking Permit costs exceed $300/month, the excess will not be sheltered. Excess costs will be deducted “post-tax” (federal, FICA and state withholding will apply).
            • Employees who are ineligible for payroll deduction may pay by credit card. Credit card purchases are not sheltered.

      *Amount subject to change.

      Transit Station Parking Benefit

            • The Transit Station Parking Benefit is solely for use at transit station parking lots and garages. It cannot be used to pay for parking at Boston University.

      Employee Carpool Permits

      Carpool Permit Eligibility

            • To apply for a carpool permit, a “lead carpooler” must invite other carpoolers to join them via the Transportation Management Portal.
            • All carpool participants must be eligible for payroll deduction and agree to pay for carpool permit costs split equally through pre-tax payroll deduction (see Payment for Employee Permits).
            • Each carpooler must own a motor vehicle and list that vehicle on their permit application.
            • PTS will review all applications and make determinations of eligibility for new enrollments based on the goals of the program.

      Carpool Permit Rules

              • Carpool Permits are only allowed in the following gated lots:
                • Agganis Arena Garage and Outer Lot (A, C-2) – 925 Commonwealth Ave
                • Langsam Garage (B) – 142 Gardner St
                • Essex St Garage & Lot (F) – 148 Essex St, Brookline
                • CAS Lot (J) – 240 Bay State Rd
                • Warren Towers Garage (K) – 700 Commonwealth Ave
                • Rafik B. Hariri Building Garage (M) – 595 Commonwealth Ave
              • Carpool vehicles found in ungated lots and alleys may be towed without notice; multiple infractions may result in the group’s ejection from the carpool program.
              • If multiple vehicles registered to the group are found on campus without use of a daily parking pass or transient parking ticket, vehicles may be towed without notice; multiple infractions may result in the group’s ejection from the carpool program.
              • Carpoolers are not eligible for the MBTA Pass Benefit while holding a carpool permit.

      Carpool Permit Benefits

              • Carpool permits are discounted (50% of the price of a Commuter Permit).
              • Carpools may request one designated parking space, subject to availability.
              • Vehicle(s) registered to a carpool with a designated space may not park in any other space without a daily parking pass or transient parking ticket.
              • Each member of a Carpool may purchase up to 12 Daily Parking Passes (sold in groups of 6) each permit year.
              • Daily Parking Passes are priced at the Employee Flex Permit daily rate.
              • Daily Parking Passes can only be used at gated lots.
              • Daily Parking Passes are not valid for event or Red Sox game parking.
              • For Daily Parking Passes used at Agganis Arena lots (A & C-2), parking restrictions during weekday, evening and major University events apply. (See Agganis Event Restrictions)
              • Daily Parking Passes do not expire.
              • If Daily Parking Passes are found to be misused in any way, carpool privileges may be revoked.

      BUMC/CRC Employee Reciprocal Parking

      Boston University’s Charles River (CRC) and Medical (BUMC) Campuses have a reciprocal parking arrangement for employees that allows CRC permit holders to park at the BUMC and BUMC permit holders to park at the CRC. To learn more about this program and submit an application for reciprocal parking privileges, please visit our Reciprocal Parking Webpage.

              • Reciprocal Parking Privileges may not be used more than 3 times per week (Monday–Sunday).
              • Those who need to park on the opposite campus more than three times per week on a regular basis must contact the Parking & Transportation Services office on the opposite campus to establish an appropriate arrangement.
              • Reciprocal Parking Privileges do not allow unlimited parking or overnight parking on the opposite campus.

      Parking for CRC Employees at BUMC

      The following active Charles River Campus Permit types are eligible for Reciprocal Parking Privileges in the 710 Albany Street Garage:

              • Commuter Permit (formerly the Green Permit)
              • 24/7 Permit (formerly the Brown Permit)
              • Yellow Permit
              • Contractor/Vendor Permit

      BUMC Reciprocal Parking Process:

              • When arriving at the 710 Albany St Garage, take a ticket at the entry gate
              • Park your vehicle and take your ticket with you
              • Before leaving, take the ticket to the BUMC-BMC Parking & Transportation Services office, 710 Albany Street, for ticket validation. Please be patient while PTS staff inspect your BU ID, verify that you hold a CRC Parking Permit (permits are not transferable), and validate your parking ticket.
              • Insert the validated, no charge ticket into the parking kiosk at the exit gate. No payment should be required.

      Note: verification of BUMC Reciprocal Parking eligibility is only offered Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm. Those who are unable to get their tickets validated during these hours will be required to pay full-price for parking. No refunds will be issued for weekend parking or those who do not get their tickets validated during business hours.

      Parking for BUMC Employees on the CRC

      The following active Boston University Medical Campus permit types may apply for Reciprocal Parking Privileges on the Charles River Campus:

              • 610 Albany St. Garage Permit
              • 710 Albany St. Garage Permit
              • DOB Permit
              • Biosquare Permit
              • D-Lot Permit
              • Crosstown Permit
              • 560/580 Lot Permit

      To gain and exercise Reciprocal Parking Privileges on the Charles River Campus, BUMC employees should:

              • Submit an application for Reciprocal Parking Privileges (via the Reciprocal Parking webpage).
              • Wait to receive an email confirming that privileges have been applied to your vehicle.
              • Park at no charge, no more than three (3) times per week at the following garages and lots (map):
                • Agganis Arena Garage and Lot (A, C-2) – 925 Commonwealth Ave
                • Langsam Garage (B) — 142 Gardner Street
                • Essex Street Garage & Lot (F) – 148 Essex Street
                • Warren Towers Garage (K) – 700 Commonwealth Ave

      *restrictions apply (see Agganis Event Restrictions)



      A University tenant is defined as anyone renting an apartment through Boston University Rental Property Management. Rental Property Management maintains their own parking spaces for tenants. For further information, please contact Rental Property Management at 617-353-4102.


      Call PTS at 617-353-2160, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to request assistance jump-starting a dead battery, calling for a tow service, or retrieving keys accidentally locked inside your vehicle. Outside of these hours, please contact the Boston University Police Department at 617-353-2121.

            • You must be an active Boston University parking permit holder or a guest of the University to qualify for motorist assistance.
            • You must show a valid driver’s license that matches the vehicle’s registration before any vehicle services can be rendered.
            • PTS is prohibited from providing motorist assistance to vehicles located on public streets. Motorist assistance can only be offered to vehicles on Boston University property, including parking lots and garages.


      Please visit the Environmental Health & Safety website for Boston University’s Micromobility Device Guidelines.