The BU Cycle Kitchen at 1019 Commonwealth Ave is BU’s center for bike and scooter resources including registration, events, and repairs. Check out hours, offerings, and events here.

Bike Parking

If you bring your own bike to campus, you need to know where to park it. There are around 2,400 bike parking spaces all over campus which you can find on BU Maps. Worried about leaving your bike outside? Register it for automatic access to the following secure bike rooms:

Name Location Details
Warren Towers 700 Commonwealth Ave southwest corner of building
Data Sciences 665 Commonwealth Ave east side of building
Kilachand Center (CILSE) 610 Commonwealth Ave door faces Morse Auditorium
South Campus 504 Park Drive accessible via alley
10 Buick St enter via Buick St elevator lobby
West Campus 32 Harry Agganis Way
Howard Thurman Center 808 Commonwealth Ave facing Booth Theater

Residents of the following dorms have automatic access to resident-only bike rooms located in their building:

Name Location
Student Village 2 33 Harry Agganis Way
Kilachand Honors College 91 Bay State Road
Myles Standish Hall 610 Beacon Street
Danielsen Hall 512 Beacon Street
various brownstones

Sheltered bike parking can be found at:

Name Location Details
Hariri Building 595 Commonwealth Ave next to front door
The Towers 140 Bay State Road west of front door
LAW 765 Commonwealth Ave basement
LAW Auditorium Building 767 Commonwealth Ave surrounding building
Booth Theater Plaza 820 Commonwealth Ave behind Howard Thurman Center
10 Buick Street Garage 10 Buick Street northwest corner of garage
890 Commonwealth Ave Garage 890 Commonwealth Ave only accessible during building hours
65 Pilgrim Road Garage 65 Pilgrim Road Fenway Campus
Cummington Mall Behind Photonics
Langsam Garage 142 Gardner Street hanging racks inside SW corner

We can help you identify other options based on your destination.

Tire Pumps and Repair Stations

When you need some air in your tires or minor DIY maintenance, stop by one of our pumps or repair stations:

Location Details Pump Tools Notes
George Sherman Union 775 Commonwealth Ave, near bank open to public
Marciano Commons 100 Bay State Road, near sidewalk open to public
Pilgrim House (Fenway Campus) 37 Pilgrim Road, in courtyard open to public
Rich Hall 277 Babcock St, plaza facing field open to public
Parking & Transportation Services 1019 Commonwealth Ave, lobby open during business hours
West Campus Bike Cage 32 Harry Agganis Way apply for access
Warren Towers Bike Room behind 700 Commonwealth Ave apply for access
Kilachand Center Bike Room 610 Commonwealth Ave apply for access
South Campus Bike Room 504 Park Ave apply for access
StuVi2 Bike Room 33 Harry Agganis Way StuVi2 residents only


Want to bike, walk or run to BU but worried about getting sweaty on the way? No problem! BU employees have access to free showers at several locations on campus:

  • Track and Tennis Center, 100 Ashford Street – locker rooms are to the left when you enter – show your BU ID and let the attendant know you are a bike/walk/run commuter
  • 25 Buick Street – first floor near Accounts Payable department
  • Howard Thurman Center, 808 Commonwealth Ave – second floor
  • Center for Computing and Data Science – basement level
  • Yawkey Student Center, 100 Bay State Road – basement level near Facilities
  • 200 Riverway (Fenway Campus) – second floor

Don’t forget, you can also use the showers at FitRec if you are a member!