BUMC Policies

BMC-BUMC Parking & Transportation Services makes every effort to respond fairly to the needs of people coming and going from the BU Medical Campus and Boston Medical Center. Regulations are enforced to ensure an adequate distribution of available parking spaces for employees, faculty, staff and students as well as patients and visitors. PTS reserves the right to relocate any vehicle at any time to ensure that the needs of the campus and hospital are met. Thank you for your cooperation.

General Regulations

  • Boston University Schools of Medicine, Public Health and Dental Medicine, and Boston Medical Center assume no responsibility for vehicle damage, theft or theft of contents of vehicles parked on the property.
  • Handicapped parking spaces are available within campus/hospital parking facilities.
  • A parking attendant may direct a vehicle to an alternative campus/hospital parking facility due to limited capacity or operating reasons. Parking attendants may require keys to relocate vehicles.
  • Drivers who wish to transfer to another parking facility may inquire at the PTS office regarding availability and will be accommodated when appropriate.
  • The PTS office reserves the right to terminate parking privileges for violation of parking regulations.
  • Parking for patients and visitors is provided in designated areas. Rates are posted at the entrance.
  • Storage of Vehicles is not permitted. The use of the parking space is only for the period of time the parker is on duty. Vehicles left unattended (72 hours MAX) are subject to tow at the owner’s expense and may cause parking privileges to be suspended.