Boston University has 40 Chargepoint electric vehicle (EV) charging ports. They are located in 7 CRC and 2 BUMC garages:
Click image above for full CRC/Fenway EV Map.

Facility Details # of Ports Permit Required
Agganis Arena Garage (A) P1 near East Elevators 4
Langsam Garage (B) 2 next to garage entrance, 1 in Row D, 1 in Row E 4
Essex Garage (F) Bottom of ramp on right 2*

730/750 Commonwealth Ave (Q) Lower level, through roll-up door, under 730 2*

Warren Towers Garage (K) Ground Level, West side 2*

575 Commonwealth Ave. (L) Rows D & E of garage on west side 2*

Hariri Building Garage (M) P1 level of garage on left near west elevators 2*

610 Albany St. Garage (BUMC) Ground Level, special access required 14

710 Albany St. Garage (BUMC) 1st Level 8

*only visible to those who have connected to Boston University on the Chargepoint app.

Please familiarize yourself with Boston University’s Electric Vehicle charging policies.