Student MBTA Options

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is the Boston area’s mass transit system offering bus, subway, commuter rail, ferry, and paratransit service.

The Charles River Campus is located on the B Branch of the Green Line and the Framingham Worcester Commuter Rail Line. The campus is served by bus lines CT2, 47, and 57.

The Medical Campus is served by bus lines CT3, 1, 8, 10, and 47. Newmarket BID shuttles provide frequent service to Ruggles, Andrew, and Newmarket MBTA Stations.



For most BU students, the best way to pay for trips on the MBTA is by adding value to a CharlieCard. You can then use that card to pay for individual trips on MBTA buses and trains.

Subway (T) Bus
One way* One way*
$2.40 $1.70

*transfer up to two times and pay only the cost of the higher-priced service.

Close-up of Charlie Card being scanned at an MBTA fare gateWhere do I get a CharlieCard?

You can get a CharlieCard from any MBTA fare machine (found in underground subway stops). They’re also available from libraries and some retail locations (complete list). We sometimes have them at our offices, too. Please call to verify before stopping by (CRC at 1019 Commonwealth Ave: 617-353-2160; BUMC at 710 Albany Street: 617-638-4915)

How do I add value to a CharlieCard?

We recommend adding value online using the MBTA’s MyCharlie system. This will allow you to transfer the value on your CharlieCard if your card is lost or stolen. You can also add value at MBTA fare machines (found in underground subway stops) but you will not be able to transfer card value unless your card is registered to you via MyCharlie.

Semester Passes

Designed for commuting students, the Semester Pass program offers an 11% discount off of the regular monthly “T” pass price. Semester Passes are rarely a good value for students living on campus.

2024 Spring Semester Passes

2024 Spring MBTA Semester Passes may now be ordered via the Transportation Management Portal between now and 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, January 10, 2024. No applications, cancellations, or refunds can be processed once the January 10th deadline has passed. You must be an enrolled full-time student to charge the Semester Pass to your student account.

MBTA Spring Semester Passes will be valid during each of the following months:

  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May

Note: CharlieCards issued for the Semester Pass program are only valid for the time period specified. DO NOT add a monthly pass or fare value to your CharlieCard as the card will expire when the program ends. Fall Semester Pass CharlieCards expire on December 31 and Spring Semester Pass CharlieCards expire on May 31.