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COVID Response: The Equal Opportunity Office continues to provide services to the BU community during this difficult time. We continue operating off-campus, using remote communications technology to move forward with cases and investigations. This may create a need to alter specific processes that would normally occur in person on campus. We will discuss with you in advance any such differences to our written procedures that may apply to the service you request or the situation you bring to our attention. In the meantime, we are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have, and provide support. Please feel free to contact us at eoo@bu.edu. Thank you for your understanding as we adapt to the changing nature of the current circumstances.Boston University Equal Opportunity Office

The Equal Opportunity Office works to promote and realize Boston University’s commitment to equal opportunity and affirmative action. We strive to ensure that equal opportunity is a reality at Boston University, that our faculty, staff, and students can work and study in an environment free of unlawful harassment and discrimination, and that the University meets its obligations under federal and state equal opportunity and affirmative action laws and regulations.

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