All courses in the WR sequence require students to participate orally (or through signing) in class discussions, projects, activities, small-group projects, and informal presentations. Many courses also have graded presentations that consider students’ abilities to convey their understanding, research, and arguments orally. These courses introduce students to many different modes of oral communication—formal, informal, in-person, recorded—and familiarize students with a wide range of abilities related to presenting their thoughts verbally, from traditional skills of elocution (such as cultivating an engaging voice and maintaining eye contact) to an agility in improvising in unscripted moments.

An emphasis on oral/signed communication in the classroom

  • Complements key learning outcomes for writing
  • Fosters class community
  • Develops critical thinking through conversation
  • Creates awareness of genre
  • Offers opportunities to re-examine both audience and argument

WR 111, WR 112, and WR 151, to varying extents, all require graded oral presentations and offer explicit in-class instruction in the skills necessary to succeed with these projects.

In all courses, even those with formal requirements for presentations, instructors have the freedom to choose from a range of options when designing assignments.