In this activity, WR 111 students work in teams to explore an assigned course reading in greater depth and practice their oral presentation skills at the same time. Instructors should make sure they have read the Faculty Guide to WR 111 and understand the positioning of this assignment in the semester. 


To work together to analyze multiple aspects of a challenging text; to express your ideas creatively and clearly in an oral and multimodal academic context; to build a shared library of resources for the class on assigned readings

Key Terms

analysis; summary; oral presentation; group work


  1. Four essays have been chosen for student presentations over the course of the semester. Consult the syllabus for dates. Everyone will read each essay, and everyone will collaboratively “present” a portion of each essay to the rest of the class.
  2. Each presentation will be broken down into four sections, listed below, and each section will be presented on by a different group. Groups will rotate sections so that by the final essay each group will have presented on every section. Groups will have some time in class to work on their part of the presentation, but you are also encouraged to work outside of class as well.
  3. I encourage you to be as creative and multi-modal as you like in your part of the presentation. Remember to put passages from the text (quotes) in your materials; whenever you quote, each passage from the text should be referenced with page and paragraph number (e.g., 237:4). You certainly may simply write out the material, but you are also welcome to use any visual aids you like. You must email me your materials ahead of time so that I can compile them.
  4. At the end of the presentation each group will get feedback from the class on one strength and one weakness of their presentation section. I will provide written feedback and a grade to each individual student when all presentations are complete.
  5. Group members and responsibilities for each essay are listed below. Each student in the group must participate and all students in the group are considered equally responsible for written materials. You will work with the same group members throughout the semester, but your assigned section (see below) will rotate with the assigned text.

Group Responsibilities:

Group 1 Students: _____, _____, _____, _____

Presentation on Text A = section I

Presentation on Text B = section II

Presentation on Text C = section III

Presentation on Text D = section IV


Group 2 Students: _____, _____, _____, _____

Presentation on Text A = section II

Presentation on Text B = section III

Presentation on Text C = section IV

Presentation on Text D = section I


Group 3 Students: _____, _____, _____, _____

Presentation on Text A = section III

Presentation on Text B = section IV

Presentation on Text C = section I

Presentation on Text D = section II


Group 4 Students: _____, _____, _____, _____

Presentation on Text A = section IV

Presentation on Text B = section I

Presentation on Text C = section II

Presentation on Text D = section III

Section I: Summary

Provide a brief but comprehensive summary of the essay, making sure to use correct summary conventions. You should also provide any important information about the author, the genre of the essay, and any other background information.


Section II: Analysis of rhetorical technique

Choose two short passages/sentences which illustrate specific rhetorical points. Provide the passage and explain how it illustrates the technique and what the effect of it is. Choose from:

  • repetition
  • metaphor
  • simile
  • symbolism
  • definition
  • varying sentence structure


Section III: Vocabulary

Note 5-10 new vocabulary items key to understanding the text. Provide the entire sentence from the text, define the term including part of speech, and explain why you think it is significant.


Section IV: Discussion questions

Formulate three insightful discussion questions to generate class discussion. Avoid questions that are factual or can be answered yes/no, and keep your focus on the text.