Local Public Health Institute of Massachusetts (LPHI)

The mission of LPHI is to improve public health and preparedness capabilities and the health of the residents of the Commonwealth by creating, implementing, and sustaining workforce development activities for local public health and other public health system partners. LPHI has been managed by BUSPH LLO staff since January 2010. BUSPH LLO staff actively partner with local public health workforce members and with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) to develop LPHI’s long-term vision, scope of trainings offered, target audiences, and curriculum.

Who should register?

  • Public Health Professionals

Local Public Health Institute of Massachusetts

New England Public Health Training Center (NEPHTC)

The six states of Health and Human Services Region 1, New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont), have State Health Improvement Plans with measurable goals to improve population health. Meeting the goals of these plans requires a highly competent public health workforce with cross-cutting skills to work across sectors on the community level. By training the current public health workforce and engaging students (future public health workforce) in field placements/faculty student collaborative projects, NEPHTC strengthens the public health workforce and increases the number of individuals committed to public health work, improving the ability of the workforce to meet national, state, and local health needs, particularly in medically underserved communities (MUC). NEPHTC is one of the university-based Public Health Training Centers (PHTCs) funded by the Health Resources Administration. NEPHTC has been based at BUSPH since 2000.

Who should register?

  • Health departments
  • Community-based organizations
  • Health care
  • Public health professionals
  • Community health workers

New England Public Health Training Center

School Health Institute for Education and Leadership Development (SHIELD)

SHIELD’s mission is to prepare school nurses and school health professionals to manage effectively the increasingly complex health, medical, behavioral, and psychosocial issues facing our multi-cultural school-aged population. SHIELD offers innovative educational programs and leadership opportunities that prepare school nurses and school health professionals to:

  • serve as school health leaders
  • deliver integrated, collaborative student health services programs
  • earn continuing education credits that fulfill state licensure and certification requirements
  • meet the professional development needs of school health professionals

SHIELD partners with the Boston University School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Nursing Education (BU›CME/CNE) to deliver continuing education credits to nurses and other health professionals.

Who should register?

  • School nurses
  • School health professionals
  • School administrators
  • School educators