Downloading eTranscripts

An eTranscript is a downloadable copy of an official transcript, which can be downloaded as a certified blue-ribbon PDF. The eTranscript provides a Statement of Authenticity verifying that the document itself is an official, unaltered copy of each student’s official transcript.

As a certified blue-ribbon PDF, the document itself must be opened on its own using Adobe Reader. One of the most common issues that students and alumni face when opening an eTranscript is that the default settings on a browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) attempt to open the document within the browser itself. For example, when using Chrome and opening an eTranscript with the default settings, a new tab will be created in Chrome with a grey background stating “Document is blank”. Provided below are downloadable guides on how to get around this issue for various browsers and operating systems.

Downloadable guide to open eTranscripts using Chrome or FireFox

Downloadable guide to open eTranscripts using a Mac

Please note that e-transcripts are available to download for a limited time only. Email recipients will have the ability to download the document up to 7 times within 30 days of delivery. Please be sure to notify any third-party recipients of this information. If you are sending the e-transcript to yourself, we highly recommend saving the document in a secure location on your personal computer.

For assistance with troubleshooting other eTranscript and transcript ordering issues, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.