Federal law requires that we remind you of your rights under FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. You can read the University’s FERPA policy here.

You may restrict the release of any or all items of your Directory Information on the Student Link.

Directory Information includes:

  • Local address and BU directory phone number
  • Email Directory Lookup
  • School or College
  • Academic Program (degree, major, minor)
  • Dates of Attendance, Full-time or Part-time
  • Degrees, honors and awards received
  • Listing in Commencement Program
  • Listing in Bostonia Yearbook

Please be aware that if you restrict the release of your Dates of Attendance, we will be unable to confirm to an insurance company or other party that you are a currently enrolled student. Note, too, that restrictions remain in place after graduation. You may change your Directory Information restrictions at any time.