Advanced Graduate Certificate

MET International offers graduate certificate students the opportunity to pursue a second semester full-time internship to put their new knowledge to work on the job. The MET International team works with each individual to match the internship with specific career goals, skill levels, and interests. The internship is part of the Advanced Graduate Certificate program. At the completion of this 2-semester program, After completing an internship, students may be eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training.


MET International graduate students who have successfully completed a Business & Management certificate are eligible to apply for the Professional Internship Semester.

Program Structure

  • Internships are unpaid, full-time (40 hours per week) positions at U.S. companies or organizations
  • Internship placements immediately follow the first academic semester of study
  • Internships last one academic semester
  • Internships carry academic credit
  • Internships have separate, additional tuition costs equal to four graduate credits

Internship Placement

In collaboration with GCC, the MET International office assists students in identifying appropriate internship opportunities. Students should expect to complete an application and interview process in order to secure their internship. In preparation for the internship application process, MET International offers workshops on résumé writing, interviewing techniques, and long-term job strategies.

Each student has a unique internship experience. The MET International team works with students to determine what kind of internship best matches the career goals, skill level, and interests of the individual.

International Internship Roster

The MET International Professional Internship Semester provides students with a unique opportunity to sharpen their skills and their résumés by working at organizations in Boston that reflect their interests and career goals. To date, students have interned at an exciting range of organizations, including:

  • AITE Group (Boston)
  • Boston Planning & Development Agency (Boston)
  • 451 Marketing (Boston)
  • BNN TV (Boston)

  • IMEX Cargo (Boston)
  • The Williams Agency (Boston)
  • Duplessy Foundation (Boston)
  • Progress Partners (Boston)