Mercedes & Rocio from Madrid, Spain

Mercedes & Rocio each studied two semester at BU and completed an undergraduate certificate in international business.

Seiji from Tokyo, Japan

Seiji spent two semesters at BU and completed undergraduate coursework in economics and finance.

Marcela from Monterrey, Mexico

Marcela completed undergraduate coursework in communications and journalism and was a featured student blogger for the MET International program.

Manon from Paris, France

During her first semester at BU, Manon completed coursework for a Graduate Certificate in E-Commerce, Systems & Technology and spent her second semester doing an internship.

So Hyun from Seoul, South Korea

So Hyun shares her thoughts on the BU experience and how the academic rigor of Boston University has added to her education.

Abdul from Lahore, Pakistan

Abdul came to BU to further his Computer Science studies and experience the culture. See what he has to say about his classes and life in Boston.

Michael from Munich, Germany

Michael came to MET to earn a Graduate Certificate in International Marketing but also ended up with an international network and a deeper understanding of cultures from around the world.

Tatiana from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Tatiana came to study Computer Science at BU and fell in love with Boston. Find out about her favorite things to do in the city.

Xiaochan from Beijing, China

Xiaochan describes the differences between her educational experiences at home and at Boston University. Learn about how she took advantage of the breadth of courses offered at BU while studying in Boston with MET International.