Nino Karas


In 2015, Karas presented a pitch for MarkO at Rockstart Demo Day.

It may sound like hyperbole, but Nino Karas has been passionate about technology for most of his life. “I started programming when I was a 10-year old,” he says, “with the passion for creating products of my own.” Now in his mid-twenties, Karas is an established product visionary and CEO and co-founder of two startups.

While attending college at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCSE) in Skopje, Macedonia, Karas met future business partner Martin Ancevski. Their first collaboration was AvtoBusko, a mobile app designed to help solve their country’s public transportation issues. Karas remembers that, despite the fact that there was a “humble community of smartphone users in Macedonia” at the time, the app created a lot of buzz. Six months after its launch, it was bought out by T-Mobile.

Karas accepting the Community Award on behalf of Marko at the 2014 Pioneers Festival.

While still in college, Karas and Ancevski founded CodeWell, which specializes in developing mobile apps and systems. The company now boasts a portfolio of over 90 products for clients such as Sony Music, T-Mobile, VIP, Telus and Holland Casino. Their other startup, MarkO, is a productivity app that won the Pioneers Festival Community Award in 2014 and received an investment and joined the acceleration program at Rockstart in 2015.

In Fall 2013, FCSE sent its top three students to BU for a semester to study computer science and engineering; Karas was one of them. While studying in Boston, his favorite class was Mobile Application Development, taught by Professor Eric Braude. Because of his advanced experience in technology, Karas even had the opportunity to assist the professor with a couple of classes.

According to Karas, his semester abroad has had a lasting impact. “Some of the courses I took during my time at BU MET resulted in knowledge that I was able to use immediately in the daily activities of my company,” he explains. “I’ve made some awesome personal and professional connections. I even convinced a French colleague from the MET business program to join my startup as an intern.”

Karas accepting the European Business Award on behalf of CodeWell for 2014/15.

It should come as no surprise that Karas describes himself as “the main hustler and product visionary” on his team. He travels often between two main offices in Amsterdam and Skopje, and hopes to open a third office in San Francisco. Karas also plans to continue to grow his team and raise a couple of rounds of investments over the next three years. He is especially excited about Letz, which he describes as “the next big thing in the personal productivity space.” Karas states, “I’m really curious to hear the feedback coming from the BU community.” To try it out, visit www.Letz.Do.