City Planning Alum Helps Score Legislative Win for Home-Based Food Entrepreneurs

As a student in BU MET’s City Planning & Urban Affairs programs, Andree Entezari (MET’21) developed the know-how it takes to envision and execute practical solutions to challenges in urban life, through partnership and policy. So, when local regulations forbade Entezari from selling lavashak—the Iranian dried fruit snack made from apples, plums, and strawberries he’d […]

MSCS Alum Asad Malik Pioneers New Social Media Platform, Rubiic, Designed for “Self-Expression, Self-Reflection”

The global pandemic created a cataclysm in everyday life. Asad Malik (MET’21) recognized with the new way of life at home and self-reflecting, one field in particular would be expected to see expansive growth: social media. A graduate of MET’s Master of Science in Computer Science program, Malik noted that brands, memes, and influencers reigned […]

In Nonprofit World’s Fraught Financial Future, BU MET Arts Admin Director DeNatale Sees Security in Scale

Like so many industries, the businesses of arts and culture have been rocked by setbacks amid the global coronavirus pandemic. Now, as occupancy bans begin to lift, vaccines are distributed, and resilience funding remitted to organizations and individuals dedicated to keeping the world afloat through arts, decision-makers are figuring out how the shows that must […]