MSCS Alum Asad Malik Pioneers New Social Media Platform, Rubiic, Designed for “Self-Expression, Self-Reflection”

The global pandemic created a cataclysm in everyday life. Asad Malik (MET’21) recognized with the new way of life at home and self-reflecting, one field in particular would be expected to see expansive growth: social media.

mockup of app on iPhone screen

A graduate of MET’s Master of Science in Computer Science program, Malik noted that brands, memes, and influencers reigned supreme established social media platforms, and decided to create something different: a tool that prizes the complexities of an individual’s emotions. He calls it Rubiic.

“It’s kind of a new concept. Think of it as Instagram, but instead of sharing photos, it’s a place where you put your thoughts and feelings,” Malik tells BU Today. Users can share things like photography, music, and voice recordings, with each post’s audience at the poster’s discretion. The platform’s core purpose, as Malik sees it, is to “explore self-expression, self-reflection, and authenticity.”

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