Newest Episode of MET Makes Conversation Podcast Explores Global Supply Chain Lessons Revealed by Pandemic

The global pandemic gave consumers across the world a deeper appreciation for the importance of quality supply chain management, as irregularities led to service interruptions, product shortages, and delays. On the newest episode of MET Makes Conversation, the podcast where Metropolitan College faculty lend academic perspectives to real-world challenges, supply chain management experts Canan Gunes Corlu and Barry Lynn discuss what lessons the pandemic offered about risk management and supply chain success, the characteristics of organizations that proved best able to weather disruption, and the importance of transparency in client communications.

“During the pandemic, we saw the best and the worst in people and companies,” Lynn, president and founder of Supply Chain 411 Corp and member of the MET Supply Chain Management Advisory Board, explained in the interview. “Some hoarded products and were greedy. Others reached out with kindness and offered help. We saw many companies show compassion to their employees and their customers. Not all companies survived the pandemic, but those who did are now stronger and more resilient.”

“For companies, a lot of learning had to happen in a very limited amount of time,” said Professor Corlu, coordinator of the MET Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSSCM) program. “Companies [that] were able to handle the disruption and who even thrived were the ones who were able to react quickly to the changing environment.

In the second episode of Metropolitan College’s new podcast, you’ll learn the ways modern supply chains leverage strengths and efficiencies to deliver the right product of the right quality at the right time, with the right paper trail. You’ll also hear how this year’s pandemic brought new light to the differences between local and global disruptions, the dangers of single-source components and materials, the ways strong relationships with suppliers lead to resilience, how diverse suppliers can mean reliability, the role perception of scarcity plays in demand, and the new professional opportunities in supply chain the crisis revealed—as well as how BU MET MSSCM alums say their studies prepared them to land their next job.

Listen to the latest episode of MET Makes Conversation, “Managing Risk in Global Supply Chains,” above, or via your preferred podcast platform, like Spotify or Apple Podcasts—where you can subscribe for all future episodes.

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